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MOONBEAM.DANCE COC I pledge to uphold the ideals of safer and oppression-free spaces. My goals with this instance is to create a space where locals and friends can meet each other and relay information across instances. I welcome all comrades regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, economic class, body size, age, etc. I support sex workers, and I believe survivors. ABUSE I will not tolerate abusive behavior from any person on my timeline. Examples of abusive behavior include, but are not limited to: Using racist, misogynistic, or other language which echoes / reinforces oppressive systems. Engaging in personal attacks of other users, or posting insulting/derogatory comments, publicly and privately. Unfounded conspiracy theories, scams, harmful misinformation. Trolling- Baiting someone with random and unsolicited upsetting, disingenuous, or misleading interactions. Non-consensual engagements. This includes replying to a person after requests to stop, evading blocks, unwelcome DMs, etc. Doxxing (publishing another individual's private or identifying information). (With the exception of fascists). Child pornography or anything that exposes this instance to liability under US law. CONTENT WARNINGS All sensitive content such as sexually explicit language and imagery, food, politics, ecodoom, mental health, eye contact, drugs, and alcohol must be properly CW'd. I will not boost content from profiles that have handles or profiles with sensitive content in them. The only time I will boost posts with sensitive content is in the event of local news that I feel is important, time sensitive, and relevant to the community. I will describe all images I post onto this instance, but I do not always have the ability to check whether an image has a description before I boost. TRANSPARENCY In an effort to be transparent about the actions I take for the instance and to encourage freedom of association, I will publicly list the instances and people I have suspended, and why. If anyone violates my CoC in a manner I find extreme, and does not choose to correct themselves in a timely manner, they will be suspended. In an effort to hold myself to the standards I have set, my inbox is open to anyone that needs an extra CW or would like to share knowledge of abuse by myself or another user. I will respond as constructively as I can, and handle every report to the best of my ability.