medicine / addendum 

:boosts_ok_gay: medicine / "just google it" / explicit picture of medicines and disorders 2/2 

:boosts_ok_gay: medicine / "just google it" / explicit picture of medicines and disorders 1/2 

im having a panic attack

a a a a

i ahve a job but wwo i cant fucking do anything; just beacuse i have a job doesnt mean i have a paycheck yet

paypal :


somone with long hair doing the greek orthadox sign of the prayer?

the thing catholics do before prayeing, but its the other direction :damngood:

it was IMPORTANT, because i noticed it in the dream

Dionysus is the other background and it’s a picture I did

And No I’m not posting the whole thing; haha

Here’s my phone

Pallas-Minerva (although not Athene) has been my background since Occupy/Abolish ICE

She’s there because the first day I was there- a white guy on a bike passed out excerpts from le miz

Understanding he had good intentions- we needed folks like him to BE THERE WITH US

The excerpt that caught my eye seemed like a love poem to her

It took me a bit to remember that Pallas and Minerva are separate and- Pallas = War ; Minerva = Thought

And together they are- groundbreaking

The interrelation of thought and the spread of ideas and society changing faster than the status quo allows


I hope you understand my point; like Gutenberg’s Printing Press

time for srtarcrafT!! glad to have ffound a decent hellenic blog for once!

only one dissenting comment (confusing and suspicious)

anime avi

sorry yall, thats the breaks

ending thought, read the comments they aint bad 

theres sources!!! omz so many sources

fuckin take down of the year 2018

get em! getem!!!

damnnnn !! fuckinnt!! this this this this!!

ive never read a fucking blog post outside of pagan facebook groups who DO kick them out

its always the fucking sheepish, "well---"

folkish / nazis / hellenic take down / conclusion 

folkish / nazis / hellenic take down / ''an excuse to go all-out blood and soil'' 

folkish / nazis / hellenic take down, concerning ancestors (not ancestor veneration) [using that gif again] 

its so nice, to find a blog poitning this out

i have to keep my eyes open to these sites, because some of them dont say fuck all about this; regardless of which ''tradition ''

(norse, hellenic, gaelic ((this one has started to REAllY piss me off, stay the heLL away from the celts and by assocaition tuatha dé danann)) etc)



i was almost suckered into it in 2011

nazis / folkish / a hellenic take down of white supremacy 

different flavors of mayo but they are making one hellava point about social constructs / re: race 

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