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@fairydoctor just sonyou know, i'm only gonna read your handle as "dr who but gay" because i am whovian trash

My Gender Reveal Party invites would be sent to everyone that just needed about 1hr30min of lecture and Q&A time in order for me to teach them What Gender Really Is.
Lunch would be provided, to guarantee attendance.

Moonbeam Introduction 

wanna synergize your energies?

try looking at trees

did you ever just want to howl at the moon, but the moon wasnt full, or blue, or in totality?

try Ebb and Flow's Moon Wax ™️ !

just apply the wax to the nearest ancient cairn, it will will wax into a full moon in seconds!

no more hustling to that pagan circle

awoo now!

No sorry i'm mono and only with landfolk.

Placing my virginity somewhere reasonable to make me more likely to lose it

Half lewd, yoga clothes, puppies tho 

Public library fines for overdue books are bad and gate keep many folks out of libraries.

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