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someone painted this picture of me playing guitar last night

my students keep asking if I've "seen Endgame yet" because they want to spoil it for me, and I keep having to tell them that I don't do superhero shit (in school-appropriate words), and then they get mad at me

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Sigh.... So there's another cute coworker now. But something in my brain has decided he's gold star gay, monogamous, and uninterested in me. I think it's all fabricated out of self preservation, but it's working, so I'm not gonna look at it too hard.

Every time someone sees just how Completely Fucked my phone is, their tone changes.
Everyone got a broken phone, but my phone shouldn't be working right now.

*staring off into the distance* i hate cis people

I hate job juggling, makes it hard for me to determine whether I want to keep either of them.

"sometimes I go to the lake and sing songs about the lake for the lake. one time, a goose clapped"

This job is gonna make me defensive over my pronouns i can feel it...


Landing at #Schiphol, short trip to Rotterdam, then back to Düsseldorf tomorrow!

take a gander at this here web sight, and notice that you have a couple weeks to plan for a clothing swap aaaaand 3 local mastos have already expressed interest in going thank you, you're welcome

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