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I have an exciting announcement!
I'll be moving most/all my content to new accounts, and this one will be going quiet, eventually, in preparation for this instance to be open to public registrations!
Local friends, I'll be following you over at @Moss
If you know me but aren't in the PNW, anyone can follow @moss
and of course, my art account will stay here @SewingSeeds
You have been warned!

fuckin there's a gd typo in my fuckin bio no wonder

I have a CoC pending, so I get why y'all are waitin to flood my DMs

fedichive, all known IPs 

Just along the skin of a bead of dew, a small sprite quickly jumps into the night air. Please welcome @nessotropheion, a friend and fellow majik.
We're still a very quiet little instance, which means all your posts will get more attention from me, your Captain. So feel free to post as frequently or infrequently as you need!

:sparkles2: i have a patreon, and i will post art for you monthly :sparkles2:

at least four images queued monthly; sketches, completed works, short one panel comics, and more!

#fediart #furry

Daily tarot 

re: Long Meta, Instances to Check Out 

new dialup express instance blocks 

I'm gonna be real here, I need help if I'm gonna run an instance.
I want to.
But if I don't get a consultant, and then later some more permanent help, this instance is gonna get shut down once it comes up for renewal.

Request For Services (PAID) 


Long Meta, Instances to Check Out 

Admins: if you're going to allow kinmisia on your fediverse, maybe don't use an instance name that implies you're kin friendly, like cryptids or awoo.
Like, just a suggestion, purely for branding.

I've been atound the block a few times, and never have I been worried about if an instance would like me or not. Small instances have such a different feel. I wish I were still academic, I bet I could write papers on all the different cultural phenomenon we develop on the internet.

You know what? Considering the selection of magicky instances, and the bloated nature of one in particular...
Moonbeam.Dance is accepting requests for invites for any witchy, crafty, radical migrants.
Please DM me, and we'll talk. :_gems: :anqueerheart: :black_triangle: :blackcat:

Like, really, what's the difference between art and magic?

*extremely the killers voice* 

I know this instance isn't much to look at now, but I have some really solid plans to make this space into a nice little place where weirdos can dance freely.

this is my altar; currently st brigid and crow

magical tools are below

would you believe i dont have a wand?

i have the hat, the rabbit, all of the tools;;
but i have no wand so im the fool

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